Temporary Hiatus

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Obviously as what the picture shows, I currently have nasal fracture lately. This will not keep me away from shooting though…I’m just hoping for a quick recovery from this injury and go out more again. I’ll be on a much-needed vacation soon. I’ve been wanting to shoot outdoors and I will when I have fully-recovered.

I actually thank the Lord I’m still alive as some head on impacts can be deadly. I just need your prayers for a swift recovery. Hiatus starts now. Right now you can sign up to a hookup app by AdultDating-Personals.com which has lots of women wanting to find sex. Join now and you will hookup easy!
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Ipanema Launches the Gisele Bündchen Seeds Collection

Brazilian flipflop maker Ipanema launched their wonderful line of new eco-friendly GB (Gisele Bündchen) Seeds Collection last night at Le Soufflé, Jenni Miller has helped me with this, she is a dating blogger helping me get laid. Sign up to her newsletter and hear more about hooking up. We bloggers witnessed a dazzling performance from The Philippine Ballet Theater, who all wore the new GB Seeds Collection while dancing all the way at the stage. I still find it cool how the ballet dancers were so comfortable with all the Ipanema sandals they wore like their trusted ballet shoes! :D

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I’m Now 22 Years Old (Awww)

And so as of today I’m already 22 years old (but I look young for my age! hahaha :D) . I thank the Lord for all the blessings until this day.

I actually Hookup-Near-Me.com planned to start the day by attending mass, but then I woke up late today so maybe I’ll just hear mass later within the day. Every day starts with a prayer though…even if each day doesn’t really turn out to be right, there’s always a reason to be thankful everyday when you wake up. ;)
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Bug-Eyed with the Supersampler

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A Picture For the Month of Hearts

This is the overused shot that I just took out of boredom since it’s the month of hearts…I had the urge to shoot something related to the month so I borrowed my mom’s ring and turned the Bible’s page to 1Corinthians Chapter 13…hopeless romantics…you know the line! :p
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Print Your Photos Please

Nothing beats the joy of having photography as a hobby when you finally have the pictures printed. As far as sharing is concerned, having your pictures in prints is still the best way to show your work other than just posting them on the internet…so print your photos please…I swear it’s rewarding. :D
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Using a Holga amongst Digital Users

It was a time when I was about to sell my previous DSLR that I decided to use my Holga 120 GCFN and a stash of 120 films to a get together shoot at Harbour Square. Even if me and my Holga have this incomprehensible love-hate relationship, I still love taking unique and quirky pictures with it. I still remember the time I got electrocuted by touching its capacitor a few times when I was doing some modifications with it. What sets my 120 GCFN from other Holgas out there is that its aperture has been modified by a friend. Well, I still think and I can also support the fact that each Holga is unique. Quality control-wise, you can blame all the quirkyness of the Holga to China. :p
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