Themistocles and the Rise of an Empire

At first, I thought they were saying “The Mystic Leaves” or “The Mystic List” or “The Mystique Leads”. I don’t know and I’m not sure who are they referring. I thought it was the entire army and they are Mystical. That’s why they were called the Mystic List. But hey, it was Themistocles, pronounced as Theh-mees-tuck-lus.

Themistocles is so strong, mighty and great. If you’ve seen the 300 sequel, you’ll be amazed by his awesome skills and prowess. He was the hero in the Battle of Marathon, the first Persian invasion of Greece. Persia failed to invade Greece because of him. Just watch the movie. It’s really great! Here’s the trailer of the movie.

Playing around with scheduled posting

I never knew that I can schedule a post in this blog. I’m still exploring and playing around with it. Now I scheduled this post to be published 3 days from now. I’m writing this post today, October 18, 2013, and I scheduled it to be published on the 22nd day of October, 2013.

If you want this and that, I know it is that you can do it. Whenever this is published, then the scheduled post in this blogging platform is working. If not published it is, then the blog publishing form is damages. Damages cause by bug and malfunction.

Good morning and good afternoon everybody!

Veni, vidi, vici

I don’t know what this means before, but now I know. I just heard it while walking in Palm Street, then somebody mentioned Veni, vidi, vici. I wonder what it means so I searched about it online and saw the answer that I’m looking for in this Wikipedia page:,_vidi,_vici

If you know the answer and you read the Wikipedia page I linked, then you already know the answer. It means I came I saw and I conquered. It’s that simple as it is. The phrase that I shared is a Latin sentence phrase. This phrase reportedly extends from Caesar’s oral declaration respecting his campaign in Britain to his written comment in 47 BC on his short war with Pharnaces II of Pontus in the city of Zela. It means, I came, I saw, I conquered!